Avoid a Vaccine Refrigerator Power Outage During a Winter Storm

Winter Storm on Power Lines.jpgWith winter being upon us again, so is the potential risk of your vaccine refrigerator losing power due to a winter storm.

Power outages are not uncommon during winter storms with high winds that can occur, ice buildup on power lines, and automobile accidents with utility poles caused by slippery roadways.

In case of a refrigerator power outage you may have a vaccine transport plan in place as the CDC recommends, however is it safe to expect your staff or coworkers to travel in hazardous conditions during a winter storm?

Power outages during a winter storm can last hours, but in really severe storms, the ability to travel safely can be held up for days. 

To avoid this risk you may what to consider complementing yourself with peace of mind and a battery backup solution for your vaccine refrigerator