KN95 Masks & Other Covid19 Supplies Available



At Medi-Products our heart goes out to all the healthcare workers that are putting themselves at risk. As many of these individuals are our clients, in order to support them, we are temporarily offering a few PPE items they can purchase directly from us.

We have spent hours researching sources for these products as the supplies are very limited. It is unfortunate that the prices are higher than normal. This is mainly because the factories in China are only starting to open and inflating the prices because demand is so high. In addition to this, the transportation and shipping companies are also taking advantage of this demand, causing the product’s landed cost to double the already inflated factory prices.

At Medi-Products, your safety is more important to us than our profit. That is why we are only inserting a small markup to cover our own costs. We are doing this for two reasons; first to support our customers in this difficult time and second to help our employees survive and feed their families.

If there is anything further, we can do to support you with product sourcing, please let us know. Otherwise, stay home if you can, and stay well.

Best Wishes from Our Team


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