Refrigerated Medication Storage during a storm like Hurricane Matthew



As Hurricane Matthew neared the coast more than 27,000 people evacuated their residents and business.  Hundreds of thousands of others that were living in areas without mandatory evacuation were preparing to shelter the storm in their homes and apartments expecting possible extended power outages that may be caused by fallen trees and power lines.

Organizations such as FEMA, the Red Crossand others set out hurricane preparedness plans that recommend obtaining a 7 day supply of prescription drugs and essential medications.  However they overlook setting out guidelines of the storage and handeling, for those who may have prescription medications and vaccines that require refrigeration during a power outage. 

Residents that take medications for rare diseases or medications such as insulin to manage diabetes need to consider having an additional plan for the storage of their medications in the event of an extended power outage.  We would suggest contacting your pharmacy, physician, and/or municipality to come up with a plan to remotely store your medicines, or evacuate to a shelter that has an emergency power amenity. 

Physician offices that store vaccines and other costly medications should prepare for the next storm by supporting their medicine refrigerator with a battery backup power supply