Which Type of Battery Backup Are You Looking For?


Vaccine & Medical Fridge and Freezer Battery Backup Systems


The regulations on vaccines and other medicines that require cold storage are higher than ever before. The power that runs these refrigerators and freezers, which store these temperature-sensitive drugs, has been more reliable than ever. With pharmaceutical companies offering the attractive benefits of quantity discounted pricing, pharmacies, and medical practitioners now have a greater incentive to stock more inventory, but along with that comes greater risk of loss.  

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Surgery & Operating Room Emergency Backup Power


Today in America, many procedures are performed outside of hospitals in ambulatory, outpatient, and office-based surgery centers. As the shift towards performing more surgical procedures outside the hospitals and medical offices continues to grow, so does the need for electrical backup power.

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Laboratory Uninterruptible Power Supply

When it comes to reliably running laboratory equipment during a power failure, uninterruptible power supplies are essential. Malfunctioning medical devices could cause delays in patient recovery, diagnosis treatment and care as well as the loss of valuable research materials. No matter your needs or type of electricity-dependent medical device, uninterruptible power supplies ensure instant power access to keep your medical equipment functioning.

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How our Battery Backup Systems Work:


These battery backup systems are line interactive which means that while the power from the utility company is on, the system stays in stand-by mode.  When the system is in standby mode, the utility power keep the batteries charged and transfers power to the unit. As soon as the battery backup system senses a loss of utility power, it transfers over to the systems' batteries. Once utility power is restored the system automatic recharges the batteries and feeds it back thru to the unit it is supporting.

Our systems are custom and sized to meet the desired run-time and support the specific appliance that needs to be supported. This enable us to offer 8, 12, 16, 24, 36, and sometimes 48 hour backup run-times.

Contact our team and have them size a system that will support your specific appliance for the run-time you desire