Vaccine Refrigerator Guidelines & Requirements

Appliance Types

What type of fridge can be used for vaccines? Anyone who is partaking in the VFC program is recommended a purchase a medical grade refrigerator rather than just use a household-style refrigerator. The problem with household grade refrigerators is that the temperature inside them is not consistent amongst other drawbacks.

CDC Storage Guidelines

The CDC seeks to protect patients and avoid the need to replace expensive vaccines do to careless vaccine storafe practices. Their “Vaccine Storage & Handling Toolkit” helps safeguard the vaccine supply, and sets out the mandates and storage guidelines for vaccines. Where to Find the CDC Storage of Vaccines Guidelines

Tempatures for Storing Vaccines

Vaccines are to be stored very specific temperatures: Majority of Vaccines need to be stored between 35F and 46F (2C and 8C). With a preferred temperature of 40F (5C) Learn more about vaccine storage tempatures here
Is Your Vaccine Storage Refrigerator Compliant?
Is Your Vaccine Storage Refrigerator Compliant?

Vaccine Fridge References Reviews & Needed Info

Vaccine Refrigerator Reviews & Recommendations

You want to buy a vaccine refrigerator but aren’t sure where to start? What are some of the best names and why? Here is a list of the top 5 vaccine refrigerator manufacturers. This list may help you find the product you are looking for furnishing one of the following features:
  • Superior Quality
  • Trusted Warranty
  • Energy-efficient & Secure
  • Economical Cost
  • Reliability

Automatic Tempature Data Logger Systems

Keep up-to-date with recent CDC requirements for VCF providers - find out more about new mandates and requirements for vaccine refrigerator temperature loggers and recording devices.
  • Keep Up With Current Guidelines
  • Use New Technology
  • Energy-efficient & Secure
  • Auto-Record Data
  • Secure Data on the Cloud

Refrigerator Power Outage Alarm System

The optional Power Outage Alarm System is a great complement to the refrigerator battery backup system. This device offers peace of mind alerting the user of a power goes out and when the power restores.
  • Recieve calls and texts during outages
  • Alerts when the power is out
  • Alerts when power is restored
  • Economical Cost
  • Online monitoring also available
Does a Vaccine Fridge Require Ongoing Maintenance?
Does a Vaccine Fridge Require Ongoing Maintenance?

Costs of Maintenance and Upkeep for Vaccine Fridges

The CDC recommends you carry out routine vaccine refrigerator maintenance. Here is a list of regular maintenance procedures for your refrigerator/freezer unit. Visit our Complete Guide on Maintaining your Vaccine Fridge. Our guide has instructions and a checklist for the following nessessary steps for vaccine refrigerator and freezer maintenance:
  • Door Seal Check
  • Coil Cleaning
  • Door Hardware and Hinge check
  • Fan and Motor Clean and Check
  • Inner Cabinet Cleaning
  • Check Power Cord and Electrical Connections
  • For Freezers - Defrost if inside is frosted
Can You Risk Losing Your Vaccine Stock Due To A Power Outage?
Can You Risk Losing Your Vaccine Stock Due To A Power Outage?

Vaccine Refrigerators and Backup Power

Power Outages and Vaccine Storage

Why take risk of losing thousands of dollars due to a common power outage? Medi-Products offers battery backup power system for vaccine refrigerators and freezers. Our flexable designs can meet all types of appliances with various runtimes. While choosing a battery backup system for your fridge, there are some important technical factors that will need consideration. Let Mediproducts help you select a system that will suit your budget while fulfilling your needs.
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