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Medical Battery Backup Support

Today in America, many procedures performed outside of hospitals in ambulatory, outpatient and office-based surgery centers. As this shift towards performing more and more surgical procedures, outside the hospitals and in medical offices, continues to grow, so does the need electrical backup power.

Medi-Products Inc. line of medical backup power systems are customizable for needs of the physician’s specialty and designed to meet the needs of their specific demands. Our systems are capable of providing backup power support for a wide variety of medical equipment and life safety requirements. It does not matter if you have a need to provide backup support for some imaging equipment such as a C-Arm, a tissue processor in your histology lab, or a surgical light in an operating room, Medi-Products will have the solution for the emergency power requirements that today’s medical field demands.

Vaccine Emergency Power Protection


The regulations on vaccines and other medicines that require cold storage are higher than ever before. The power that runs these refrigerators and freezers which store these temperature-sensitive drugs has to be more reliable than ever. With pharmaceutical companies offering the attractive benefits of quantity discounted pricing, pharmacies, and medical practitioners now have a greater incentive to stock more inventory, but along with that comes a greater risk of loss.

Medi-Products battery backup power systems provide a cost-effective accommodation for this storing these cold storage medicines. Offering a greater peace of mind and assurance that the integrity of these drugs will be kept during the event of a power outage. Contact us today and protect your vaccines and other medications that require cold storage today!