Battery Backup for Vaccine Storage

Don’t Risk Thousands of Dollars of Lost Vaccines & Other Perishable Drugs During a Power Outage!


If you are looking for a backup power solution for your vaccine refrigerator, Medi-Products offers battery backup power for vaccine storage refrigerators and freezers.   Our systems are designed for flexibility to meet all the various criteria that is needed.

When choosing a UPS system to power your fridge, it is important to know that there are quite a few technical factors that need to be considered, for a successful solution.

Our systems are easy to install and use, last for years, and do not require maintenance, except for changing the batteries every four years. Also, our units are small which means they will fit into even the smallest of rooms.

How Much Backup Runtime Is Necessary?

According to, the average extended power outage lasts from 30 minutes, to 6 hours. The extent and frequency of power outages varies on your location. We can custom design our systems so that your needs are met. This means that the customer doesn’t have to pay for unneeded time. A popular runtime our customers often choose, is either a 12- or 24-hour option, this provides them piece of mind through a night or day with severe weather.  This also allows enough time for them to call the utility company, get an estimated outage time and plan to move the vaccine inventory to another location, if the outage is expected to extend beyond the backup coverage.

How Long Does It Run?

How long does it run

This is a common question we get asked.  All the systems we produce are designed to suit what is required.  The size of the system will vary, depending on the amount of power the appliance draws, the size and efficiency of the appliance and the amount of runtime that is desired. 

Our Modular cabinet design allows us to offer 6, 8, 12, 16, 24, 36 and 48 hour runtimes.

Type of Appliances Our Systems Can Support:

Our systems can support any fridge or freezer you currently own or maybe plan on owning in the future. According to biologic-grade full sized refrigerators are considered the most secure option for vaccine storage.   According to the CDC, vaccines and diluents must be positioned two to three inches from the unit walls, ceiling, floor, and door to allow enough room for proper airflow around the vaccines. Size and capacity are the reasons that you need to have the backup as its own unit, rather than trying to source a refrigerator that has an incorporated backup as a single unit.

Ideal For Many Practice Types:


- Pediatric Practices


- DHA & Military Immunization Units


- Fertility Clinics


- Pharmaceutical Companies


- Hospital Off-Site Locations


- Multi-Specialty Group Practices


- Hospital Medication Suppliers


- Cancer Care Centers

How Our Systems Work:

These battery backup systems are line interactive which means that while the power from the utility company is on, the system stays in stand-by mode.  When the system is in standby mode, the utility power keeps the batteries charged and transfers power to the appliance it is supporting. As soon as the battery backup system senses a loss of utility power, it transfers over to the systems' batteries. Once utility power is restored, the system automatically recharges the batteries and feeds it back thru to the unit it is supporting.

Standby Mode:

Standby Mode square

When the unit is in standby mode, the utility power is fed to the power system.  The power system simultaneously charges its batteries and passes the utility power over to the appliance.  

Power Outage Mode:

Power Outage Mode Square

When the utility power goes out, the power systems line interactive switch will activate to draw the energy from the batteries and will continue powering the appliance automatically.

Recharge / Standby Mode:

Recharge Mode Square

When the system senses the power back on, it will return to standby mode and automatically restore utility power to the appliance.  At this point the power system will also bulk charge the batteries until they have returned to their capacity, which then causes it to switch back to float charge mode. 

Benefits of an External Backup Power System


 Although there are manufacturers out there that supply fridges with built in backup power solutions, they can only run the fridge or freezer they are attached to. Our systems can run multiple refrigerators and freezers even when not in the same room. This means that you are paying one price instead of multiple. Also, these refrigerators with built in power tend to be small and unable to hold the amount of vaccines needed.

A power outage without a backup can result in costly loss of vaccines when the temperature falls out of the recommended range. Our Backup Systems eliminate this by supplying power to the refrigerator, and even alerting you when the power goes out. This optional alert system also can alert you, if the refrigerator temperature goes out of range, if you choose to also purchase the power alert system add-on with the additional temperature sensor.

Our customized solutions are based around the number of hours the customer needs the refrigerator(s) or freezer(s) to stay powered for. This means that whether you have a small refrigerator model or a large double doored medical fridge, we can create a solution to fit either of those needs.

Added Features:

power outage alert CTA



In addition to supporting your medical refrigerator with a battery backup system, we offer you extra assurance with the Medi-Products Remote Alert System. This option helps save the need of buying large amounts of power storage for outages that may happen over weekends.  With the alert system signaling when power is lost, the user is alerted giving them the opportunity to monitor the system and if necessary make plans to move the contents inside the refrigerator to another location until the power is restored. 

Our Solutions For You:

Mediproducts has two different solutions that are designed to fit your company’s needs. Our first solution is our Silent Sentry which comes in two different styles. The first style is our standalone system which has our plug and play feature, allowing the customer to plug the appliance directly into the system with no electrical contractor required for the installation. The second style is our hardwire system which is wired into the building wiring, it can power appliances in different rooms and floors. The second solution is our mobile system which also has our plug and play feature, except the mobile system is on wheels and can be easily moved throughout the office or stored under a countertop.

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