Find the right UPS System for your Medical Practice:
Find the right UPS System for your Medical Practice:
Battery backup power for vaccine storage is an ever increasing need. Unpredictable power outages leave vaccine supplies vulnerable.
We supply medical grade ups systems for surgery centers and other medical equipment, and understand the challenges our customers face.

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Emergency Power System for Surgical Center

Learn more about protecting vaccines during an emergency power outage. With our new “Planning Guide”

Learn more about protecting vaccines during an emergency power outage. With our new “Planning Guide”

Client Testimonials

Community Health Center in Arizona. We were sooo lucky to have it last until the power was restored, about 30 minutes after our call. That is proof that the product is top notch and saved us from a ton of extra work and extended power beyond what was guaranteed. Thank you for assisting me today during my moments of desperation! My Project Coordinator – J. Beltran and I will certainly be in touch once we have more information on our scope of project for expanding back-up systems. Thank you,

Duncan | Chief of Administration | Community Health Center in Arizona

Medi Products was great to work with for my emergency back up power for my ambulatory surgery facility. They were able to take my required power information, calculate my needs, and develop a custom system to manage all my emergency power. More importantly, we had some challenges with my construction and implementation on site. They were very responsive to get these matters addressed, and sent out a representative to ensure my device was fully functional on site. Overall, despite the challenges, I am very pleased with their customer service, commitment to me and my office, and the final product is excellent and works as described. I highly recommend them.

Dr B. Johnson - Nashville, TN | |

Now that we have a successful install at our admin suite, I want to express my sincere appreciation for your expertise and efforts to help us pull this project together. You were a skillful partner working through the many fine details and different options. As a customer/client, I felt informed and well taken care. I appreciated your approach and responsiveness throughout. Ultimately, the product works and that, in its self, makes my life significantly better/easier. I hope your company realizes your value and strengths because it definitely made the difference in our success! It would be great of you to forward this one to your partners and leadership as I am sure there is more behind the scenes that I’m not aware of. If ever needed, I’d be happy to provide a reference for MediProducts as a highly satisfied customer. Take care,

B. Ecker | Chief Operating Officer |

We are so happy we found MediProducts for our lab. They helped us find the correct system for our lab and made sure it would run what we needed. The unit has a small footprint and was extremely easy to get set up and running. Thank you!

Valia | | Dr K - Fertility Center - Houston, TX

Found the company online and proceeded to talk with them. I found the sales people very knowledgeable and helpful. Pricing was average but service great, ordered a back up system and received it in quick time.

J. Medcalf | | Karnack, Texas

Yes we have received it and are all set up. So far it has been great! We have lost power twice for brief periods since installation and it has been great. I am almost afraid to say anything and jinx myself. At this time I don't believe we are interested in any other products. Our set up probably isn't website picture quality but here it is. Thanks

C. Worcester RN, | Office Manager | Pediatric office in Lawrence, PA

Community Health Clinic in WA. You had requested some pictures after installation at our site which I have attached here. Thank you for all of your help! They are working great!

A. Satchwell | Clinical Research Manager, | Round Rock, TX

We have similar units already at both of our clinics. Easy email communication on details of the product and was able to quickly place orders for two units. Have not had an opportunity to utilize them yet. Really appreciated the discount as a community health clinic. White glove delivery was very helpful. Only recommendation I would give is that it would have been even more efficient if delivery and installation could at the same time.

B. Chi | Pharmacy Manager | Bellevue WA


These battery backup systems are line interactive which means that while the power from the utility company is on, the system stays in standby mode. When the system is in standby mode, the utility power keep the batteries charged and transfers power to the unit. As soon as the battery backup system senses a loss of utility power, it transfers over to the systems' batteries. Once utility power is restored, the system automatically recharges the batteries and feeds it back thru to the unit it is supporting.
Our systems are custom and sized to meet the desired run-time and support the specific appliance that needs to be supported. This enable us to offer 8, 12, 16, 24, 36, and sometimes 48 hour backup run-times.
Contact our team and have them size a system that will support your specific
appliance for the run-time you desire.
Plug and play battery backup system
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