Backup Power For Office-Based Surgery Centers

In an OBC, which is limited to one certain type of surgical procedure and medical practice, may not be governed by Medicare requirements. In this case, the Accreditation agency will grant accreditation based on the results of a risk assessment, which will determine the category level of the alternate power system. Often a smaller system can be used, as the variety of equipment types is smaller and more specialized.

Backup Power For Ambulatory Surgery Centers

In ASC’S, in which a wide variety of surgical procedures may be performed in, are often required to conform to Medicare standards. This means that adherence to the NFPA 99 (National Fire Protection Agency) guidelines must be followed, which states that any potentially life threatening procedure, must be performed with a TYPE 1 alternate power source. This type of system will provide backup power to all areas and equipment related to patient safety in throughout the facility.
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