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Technical Data:


User and Installation Guides & Wiring Diagrams

Refrigerator & Freezer Backup User and Install Guides:

Surgery & O.R. Battery Backup System User and Install Guides:


Spec Sheets

Surgical & OR Backup Spec Sheets:

  • SSH4020MS
  • SSH4060MS
  • SSH4440MS
  • SSH4480MS
  • Refrigerator & Freezer Battery Backup Spec Sheets:

  • SACS4020MS
  • SACS4060MS
  • SACS4440MS
  • SACS4480MS
  • plug

    Testing Procedures


    Fridge & Freezer Backup Testing Procedures:


    pdf-icon.png  Refrigerator Battery Backup Testing Procedures 


    Using the Power Outage Alert System:


    pdf-icon.png Using the Power Outage Alert System


    Testing Procedures for Surgical & O/R Backup Systems:


    pdf-icon.png Office Based Surgery Battery Backup Testing Procedures 



    Test Log Sheets