This wall-mounted, battery backup generator system for medical refrigerators. This ultra-compact, low-profile design installs on the wall next to the refrigerator or freezer so they plug directly into it. Its body is only 14 inches wide and mounts flush-on or between 2 wall studs.

The mounting flanges can be switched around to reduce protrusion from the wall, reducing it to as little as four and a half inches, this allows the system to be mounted out of the way behind the appliance or in utility closets, using virtually no floor space.

Power Outage Box - CopyOptional Power Outage AlERT System
This power outage alert system signals when the input power is lost. Allowing the user time to move the cold stored products during an extended outage.
20180319_133013DELUXE LCD PANEL
LCD Panel with metering and rate controls can be upgraded to include runtime estimation and battery energy level calculator.

Plug & Play SYSTEM

The SILENT SENTRY™ is a complete system, including the batteries. It has an automatic transfer switch which switches to battery power as soon as the utility power is lost. Once the input power is restored it will automatically pass through the utility power and recharge the batteries.  It connects to supply-power either by a standard extension cord. This means it may not require an electrician to install.  However, we do recommend it be plugged into a dedicated circuit. 


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