Vaccine Temperature for Storage

Vaccine Refrigerator Tempatures.png


Vaccines are to be stored at the following recommended temperatures:


Majority of Vaccines:

Between 35F and 46F (2C and 8C).  With a preferred temperature of 40F (5C)


Frozen Vaccines: (such as MMRV, Varicella or Zoster)

Should be stored between -58F and +5F (-50C and -15C). Check the manufactures recommended temperature.


The vaccine's efficacy is reduced if the vaccine has been stored or exposed to temperatures above or below 35F and 46F (2C and 8C). The CDC requires vaccine storage temperature monitoring on a regular basis. Routine monitoring is recommended for vaccine cold storage chain management. This is a recommended routine set out by the CDC that requires the refrigerator and/or freezer temperatures to be reviewed and recorded twice a day preferably at the beginning and end of each workday. 


These temperature recordings are to be kept in a vaccine temperatures chart log which should be kept in a handy place beside the vaccine refrigerator or on the refrigerator door.  The CDC recommends this recorded data history is to be kept on file for 3 years.  


There are many digital temperature recording devices (data loggers) that will perform this task automatically.  These recording devices are best practice as they are able to record temperatures even when the office is closed, or during the event of a power failure. They also prevent human error from happening, where a recording may be overlooked.


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