SHCS40120MS - 4KW / 14.4 KWH
Battery Backup, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Power System:

The SHCS40120MS battery backup UPS system, offers reliable power protection, for your equipment against power surges, outages, and brownouts. With a sustained output of 4000 watts as well as a 14.4 KWH battery bank, enjoy peace of mind and protect your assets.
Model Number
Product Series
Storage Capacity
14.4 KWH
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Introducing this 4000-watt, hardwire, UPS system. Our model: SHCS40120MS has a reliable battery, that automatically activates as soon as the power goes out, ensuring your equipment stays running during an emergency power outage. Our model SHCS40120MS, is the perfect solution for ensuring uninterrupted power to your refrigeration equipment. This robust system offers reliable power protection against power outages, surges, and spikes, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your valuable equipment, processes, and inventory is safe. The hardwire uninterruptable power supply is easy to install and integrate into your buildings electrical system. Its compact form factor makes it easy to integrate into any space, while its 14.4 KWH battery provides ample backup power to keep your devices running smoothly during outages. The system also features automatic transfer to battery power, which ensures that your equipment is always receiving the proper amount of power to function normally during a power outage. This UPS system comes with a user-friendly control, allowing you to monitor its performance and power status briefly. The system also safeguards your equipment from damaging electrical surges that could occur during power fluctuations. Whether you are looking for a reliable power backup for your lab or medical office, this 4000-watt hardwire UPS system is the perfect choice. So why wait? Order yours today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your refrigeration appliances are always protected.


Branch circuit breakers

Built-in branch circuit breakers, make it easy to distribute and directly feed power, to electrical circuits and receptacles.

Simple Control

The simple and easy-to-use control panel allows users to efficiently operate without much technical knowledge.


System Height

77.75 inches

System Depth

9.75 inches

System Width

34.00 inches

Flange Width

38.00 inches

System Weight

1200 lbs

Line Voltage

120 or 240 volt

Line Circuit Size

30 Amp

Outlet/Circuit Breakers

Standard 6 (20 amp single) or otherwise specfied

Plug Type



Power Outage Alert System

This optional power outage alert system calls up to four phone numbers when the power goes out. Can be used with optional temperature probe as well.

Dry Contacts

Optional dry contacts to trigger an external alarm system when a power outage occurs.


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