Foreign To Domestic Refrigerator & Freezer Battery Backup Power System


MODEL: MD2840-5060HZ

Military, and other Mobile Medical Clinics often have trouble powering domestic appliances while deployed overseas.  Not only is local foreign power plants often unreliable but they normal run on a different frequency.  

This Medi-Products double conversion power system not only converts 50Hz Power to 60 Hz, it also protects the equipment from power spikes and brown outs.

Depending upon your appliances power usage this system can support many fridges and other appliances for hours if not days, during a power outage.  

Some of the benefits and features of our Double Conversion UPS Power Systems are:

  • Extended hours of battery backup
  • 50 Hz Input Power Frequency
  • 220 or 230 Volt Input Power
  • 60Hz Output Power Frequency
  • 120 Volt Output Voltage
  • Mobile System - Heavy Duty Casters
  • 4.8 KWH of backup Battery Capacity.