Replacing The Batteries In Your Backup Power System Is Critically Important.

A Medi-Products Battery Backup solution offers an unmatched combination of performance and reliability. At the heart of these systems are AGM sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries. A mature and dependable technology, we use AGM SLA batteries to guarantee that you’ll have the power you need, when you need it in case of an outage caused by weather, rolling blackouts and more. But, over the years —as your batteries are used—the electrolyte holding the electrical charge inside deteriorates. Because of this we recommend you replace the batteries in your system every 4 years to ensure you receive the full benefits that an instant backup power solution provides.

Genuine Parts for Ultimate Peace of Mind

Genuine Medi-Products replacement batteries are the only batteries we recommend using for your Silent Sentry or Reassurance unit. 3rd party SLA batteries or alternative batteries such as Lithium Ion (LI-Ion) can severely reduce performance or damage your system. Genuine replacement parts guarantee your battery backup system remains fully function and reliable—ensuring your:

Simple and Easy Installation!

Think you’ll need an Electrician or Licensed Contractor? Absolutely not. With only a couple of simple tools, an instruction manual and live tech support available, everything your maintenance staff will need to know about swapping your batteries is at your fingertips! Maintaining backup power performance has never been easier and can be completed in 15 minutes or less.

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