Battery Backup Generator Product Life Expectancy

How Long can I expect a Battery Powered Generator to Last?

When making capital improvements to a healthcare facility, it is important to consider the:

  • Longevity;
  • Reliability, and;
  • Value

That each new piece of equipment purchased provides.

Unreliable, poorly built appliances can significantly slow down any facility. This leads to:

  • Equipment Downtime
  • Expensive Repairs
  • Increased Labor and Administrative Costs

With this is mind, MediProducts' Battery Backup Power systems are built with simplicity in mind to achieve best-in-class reliability, and longevity.

Many of our clients have generators built on day one that still function normally 30 years later. With no signs of slowing down anytime soon, there are no questions about reliability.

Why are Battery Generators So Dependable?

A lack of or unreliable backup power solution can cause devastating results during an emergency power outage. For healthcare providers with expensive inventory like:

  • Cancer Drugs
  • Vaccines/Vaccines For Children (VFC)
  • Trial Pharmaceuticals
  • Research Materials

Lack of proper protection during a power outage can lead to losses over $100,000.

That is why MediProducts’ entire lineup of systems are built with premium, yet rugged materials—with a diligence that can only be provided through a custom-built system. This ensures every battery backup unit will last if they are cared for, which we have made as simple as possible.

In fact, the only major maintenance item in battery generators are replacing the batteries themselves every 4 years. This ensures the user maintains peak performance.

The entire generator system DOES NOT need to be replaced every four yearsonly the batteries need to be swapped out. All other components of a battery powered generator are rated to last for far longer.

MediProducts' battery powered generators are built with solid-state components. What this means is that there are no moving parts inside our generators. The result is almost no wear and tear on the components that make up a battery powered generator. In total, they require truly little maintenance to sustain optimal performance.

What if Something Happens to My Backup Generator?

In order to help combat the degradation of the batteries and ensure their optimal performance, we recommend regular testing in both weekly and monthly intervals. These intervals allow the end user to discover and report any issues with their generator ASAP.

Additionally, the batteries in a MediProducts system have a pro-rated, 4-year warranty—on top of the 2-year warranty that covers the entire system.

Find Out What You'll Pay for Backup Power

Every system built fits directly with the need of every customer both in power and form factor. The quickest way to find a perfect system for you is to contact MediProducts directly.

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