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The Cost of a MediProducts Battery Backup System

Battery backup power is on the rise as the go-to solution for supporting critical equipment in healthcare facilities. Along with being easy to install, they’re even easier to use. Battery backup systems can provide power instantly and with unmatched speed by instantly and automatically delivering power to your appliances when an outage is detected.

Plus, advances in design and manufacturing mean the cost of a battery backup system has never been more affordable.

Commonly, Medi-Product’s lineup of battery backup systems cost between $1,600 and $ 18,000. This range in pricing is due, in part to five main drivers that determine a system’s overall cost.

The 5 Cost Drivers for Battery Backup Generators Are:


  • The Number of Appliances Being Powered
  • The Total Startup Current of the Appliances
  • The Power Efficiency Each Appliance
  • The Desired Runtime of the Backup Power System
  • The Location of the Appliances and Backup Power System

You can read more about how each of these 5 cost drivers impacts the final price of your system here.

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Be Sure Solution Covers the Need

Multiple factors will contribute to the final purchase price. For many, we understand a battery backup system presents a very real capital cost. Often, this leads to clients first seeking a more inexpensive solution. Commonly these are UPS systems found in big box stores or home improvement centers.

However, what they quickly realize is that that most consumer UPS systems are built to support PCs and cellphones. Consumer solutions are severely underpowered and unequipped to handle the needs of critical, medical-grade equipment. As a result, they often cannot generate enough power to even start the compressor on a refrigerator or turn the motor of an operating table—much less run them continuously for any significant amount of time.

On the other side, some believe that they’ll require a large and expensive gas generator to power just a few critical appliances. For these buyers, they’ll end up end up wasting money by paying for far more power than is needed—on top of the other hidden costs associated with owning a gas-powered generator.

In the middle of these solutions, Medi-products offers custom-sized battery backup systems that supply the precise amount of power your most critical appliances require to make it through an extended outage. In addition, their versatile and flexible cabinet designs ensure they fit almost anywhere and are easy to install—all while having the exact amount of backup power needed.

Affordability of Emergency Backup Power

While the price of a battery backup system may at first appear to more expensive than the appliance it is powering, it is important to remember their role in your facility. The intended use of emergency backup power is not to directly protect an appliance. Instead, the role of your battery backup unit is to protect the contents of the appliance.


For laboratories, community health clinics and other facilities...

this may be providing backup power for medical cold storage appliances like refrigerators and freezers. Often, these contain a practice's most valuable medical supplies like costly vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and/or biomedical matter.


For outpatient and ambulatory surgery centers...

They similarly need to ensure the health and safety of their patients, even during routine operations. In either scenario, if you did not have backup power the costs to the facility would far exceed that of the appliance being powered.

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