The Benefits of Backup Power

Are You Dependent on the Power Grid?

Imagine, it’s just a day like any other normal day at work. You are doing your part in providing the essential services needed so that society can function as smoothly as possible and that people are kept happy, healthy and safe. Maybe, you are the owner-operator of your own small business—a specialized office-based surgery center. Or perhaps, you are the facilities manager of a large ambulatory surgery center or community health network. Maybe you run tests in a small blood draw lab. Or, maybe you work in a biomedical laboratory researching the latest cures or solving complex forensic crimes. Regardless of the role you play in the day-to-day operation of your facility, there are many factors in your environment that both help you complete your job—but at the same time are also out of your control. Power is no exception. As the unsung hero of our daily lives, it is power that allows us to perform more complex, live saving tasks than ever before in human history—and faster than we could have ever imagined. Both reliable and affordable, the modern energy grid is what makes it possible for teams of researchers and industry leaders to communicate across oceans and time zones to collaborate— achieving constant progress and aiding in critical medical and technological breakthroughs.

You Could Quickly Be at Risk

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But, in the blink of an eye that can all change and the power can be gone. Suddenly and without warning, hundreds of thousands of dollars of pharmaceutical, vaccine and biomedical inventory are now at risk as their power intensive refrigerators and freezers can no longer function. The threat posed to high-risk patient currently in surgery is now significantly higher. And even the patient who was scheduled for a “routine” surgery has now been thrust into an unexpectedly perilous situation.  

In 2020, the average downtime experienced per customer in the United States was just over 8 hours according to the US Energy Information Administration. While that may not sound like much, in 2013—the first year they began reliably collecting that data—the average downtime experienced per customer was around 3.5 hours per year, an increase of over 100%.

Reliable Power is a Necessity

Most of this increase is to be attributed to the equally increasing occurrence of major weather events over a number of years as opposed to being an anomalous year on their record. Therefore, it is not a matter of if, but instead when you will lose power in your facility—and for how long. And while a reliable source of backup power is required in many healthcare environments—such as the operating and procedure rooms where surgeries are being performed—there exist many areas where, while not required, emergency backup power can provide critical aid when you need it most. An indoor generator can provide hours of reliable backup to expensive and difficult to replace vaccine reserves that are used to shield infants. Children and the community at large from preventable disease. Proper planning with a backup generator can help to keep years or even decades of priceless biomedical research materials, critical to the next breakthrough, safe, sound and free from the temperature excursions which could render them unable to be used.

Let Us Assist You With Your Backup Power Needs!

Let Us Assist You With Your Backup Power Needs!

The Benefits Outweigh The Cost

Even in procedure rooms and operating theatres where power is required, the wrong solution could leave you with either not enough power, or if it is a legacy system like a gas-powered generator, a significant gap in time while the generator is reaching its full capacity. By contrast utilizing newer technology like battery power provides you with instant backup power and ultimate peace of mind. And while there are many solutions which you can choose from, at the end of the day any money spent ensuring the continued operation of your facility will be money well spent as the cost of even a group of systems will never outweigh the costs of keeping your reputation and inventories safe—and even more importantly ensuring the every single staff member and patient in the community who view your facility as a place of protection and security. Below, are recommended resources to help guide you and answer questions you may have when it comes to the world of backup power protection. Throughout the Medi-Products Learning Center you’ll be able to learn about the costs, savings, regulation, performance, and everything else you need to know about purchasing, owning, and deploying backup power in your facility.

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