3-Phase Battery Backup Hardwire UPS Systems

In critical healthcare environments, where uninterrupted power is non-negotiable, envision a UPS system as the steadfast guardian, ensuring the continuous operation of vital medical equipment during power outages. Our MHW Series stands tall as the pinnacle solution, offering robust 3-phase hardwire battery backup systems designed to power larger applications with substantial energy demands.

Key Features:

  • Seamless Integration: Engineered specifically for 3-phase systems, the MHW Series seamlessly integrates into your facility's electrical infrastructure, providing reliable backup power for critical medical equipment and facilities.
  • High Capacity: Built to meet the demanding power needs of healthcare facilities, the MHW Series offers a wide range of configurations, ranging from 4 kW to 60 kW of power with 2.4 kWh to 36 kWh of battery capacity, ensuring ample backup power reserves.
  • Modular Cabinet Design: Housed in modular cabinets, the MHW Series offers scalability and flexibility, allowing for easy expansion and customization to accommodate evolving energy requirements of 3-phase systems.
  • Multi-Phase Compatibility: With exclusive support for three-phase configurations at various voltages (208-240V, and 480V), the MHW Series ensures seamless integration into 3-phase electrical systems, catering specifically to the needs of your facility.

Technical Specifications:

  • Size Range: 4 kW to 60 kW
  • Capacity Range: 2.4 kWh to 36 kWh
  • Voltage: Three-phase configurations available (208-240V, 480V)
  • Runtime: Flexible range, providing uninterrupted power for critical applications for extended durations.


  • Vaccine Refrigerators & Freezers
  • Medical Cold Storage Protection
  • Precision Lab Equipment
  • Incubation Systems
  • Critical Medical Devices
  • Histology Equipment
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Office-Based Surgery Centers
  • Ultra-Cold Storage Solutions
  • Fume Hoods
  • Imaging Equipment
  • Emergency Lighting

Why Choose the MHW Series:

  • Reliable Power: Ensure continuous operation of critical medical equipment and facilities, minimizing disruptions during power outages with dependable 3-phase backup power solutions.
  • Scalable Design: Adapt to evolving energy needs with the modular and scalable design of the MHW Series, providing flexibility for future expansions or modifications within 3-phase electrical systems.
  • Tailored Integration: With exclusive support for three-phase configurations, the MHW Series is tailored to seamlessly integrate into your facility's 3-phase electrical infrastructure, offering ease of installation and operation.

Elevate your healthcare facility's resilience with the MHW Series, delivering robust and dependable 3-phase hardwire battery backup solutions for powering essential applications during emergencies. Explore the next era of healthcare technology with our advanced Free Standing 3-Phase Hardwire Battery Backup Systems.