Enhance Your Medical Refrigeration's Reliability with Advanced Monitoring

Introducing the Medi-Products Remote Battery Monitor Kit

In the world of medical facilities, the assurance of continuous power to critical equipment like medical refrigerators is not just an option—it's a necessity. Medi-Products introduces an innovative solution to keep your medical refrigeration systems monitored and managed remotely, offering peace of mind and an extra layer of reliability.

Why Choose the Remote Battery Monitor Kit?

  • System Remote Control: Control your Medi-Product Battery Backup UPS system over the internet, with this network-enabled option. This enables functions such as adjusting power settings or initiating startup and shutdown procedures.
  • Web-Based Monitoring: Stay updated on your battery levels and estimated runtime with our intuitive web-based monitoring system. Whether you are onsite or miles away, access your system's status via any device with internet connectivity.
  • Real-Time Alerts and Status Updates: Our advanced system notifies you the moment power is lost, allowing for immediate action to safeguard your medical inventory. Receive live updates on battery discharge rates and voltages, ensuring you're always in the know.
  • Comprehensive Features for Comprehensive Care:
    • Inverting/Charging Status: Keep track of your system's operational status in real-time.
    • Battery Voltages and Amperages: Monitor the health and efficiency of your battery system.
    • Custom Messages for Multiple Locations: Tailor notifications for specific needs across various sites.
    • Discharge Levels and Estimated Runtime: Plan ahead with accurate runtime predictions.
    • Faults and Technical Menus: Diagnose and address issues promptly with detailed technical insights.

Ease of Use and Accessibility

Designed with the user in mind, our Remote Battery Monitor Kit is straightforward to set up and integrate with your existing Medi-Products battery backup system. It's an essential tool for any medical facility looking to enhance the reliability of their power backup solutions.

Protect What Matters Most

With the Remote Battery Monitor Kit from Medi-Products, you're not just installing a monitoring system; you're investing in the security and reliability of your medical operations. Ensure that your critical medical refrigeration systems are protected against unexpected power outages and maintain the integrity of your valuable medical inventory.

Learn More and Get Started

Discover how the Medi-Products Remote Battery Monitor Kit can transform your approach to medical refrigeration management. Contact us today to learn more about this essential solution and take the first step towards unparalleled peace of mind.

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