Watch our informative video to see how a battery backup system can safeguard your practice and ensure patient safety. Our experts explain the benefits and features of our solutions.

What Needs to Be Powered?

Surgical Lights

Essential for providing adequate illumination during procedures.


Vital for tracking patient vitals and ensuring their safety.

Anesthesia Machines

Critical for administering and monitoring anesthesia.


An electrocautery is often used during surgery to remove unwanted or harmful tissue

Suction Devices

Used to clear airways and remove fluids.

Infusion Pumps

Important for delivering medications and fluids to patients.

Emergency Lighting

Lighting that switches on automatically during a power outage


A mobile X-ray imaging device used in a variety of medical procedures

Learn more about emergency power outage FOR OUTPATIENT SURGERY With our new “Planning Guide”

Learn more about emergency power outage FOR OUTPATIENT SURGERY With our new “Planning Guide”

Comply with Accrediation Requirements

The surgery center accreditation process involves evaluating the facility's ability to safely perform surgeries, the qualifications of the medical staff, and the adequacy of patient monitoring and emergency preparedness. Agencies such as the AAAHC (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care) or AAAASF (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities) grant accreditation based on a facility's adherence to these specific standards.

Office-Based vs ASC Accreditation

Office-based accreditation, focuses on medical practices and clinics that perform procedures in an office setting. This type of accreditation is tailored to practices that may have a narrower scope of services compared to ASCs (Ambulatory Surgery Centers). The accreditation process assesses the quality and safety of care specific to office-based surgeries, which can range from minor procedures under local anesthesia to more complex operations requiring sedation. This means that often a smaller emergency power system can be utilized because the variety of equipment types is smaller and more specialized.

Medi-Products' Compliance with Accreditation Standards

Medi-Products, recognizing the importance of uninterrupted power supply in these settings, offers a range of battery backup solutions compliant with NFPA 99 Type 1 Essential Electrical Systems specifications. These systems support life safety, critical, and equipment branches in an ambulatory surgery center, providing backup power to all areas and equipment related to patient safety throughout the facility. These battery backup solutions are an alternative to generators, which may not be feasible in certain locations due to space, cost, or regulatory restrictions.

Why Choose Battery Backup?


Our systems provide dependable power backup, ensuring that surgical procedures can continue safely during a power outage.

Ease of Install

The plug-and-play design of our mobile and standalone systems allows for easy installation without the need for extensive modifications.

Low Maintenance

Designed with sealed, spill-proof batteries, our systems are virtually maintenance-free, offering peace of mind and reducing operational costs.

Comprehensive Support

From the initial assessment to installation and beyond, our team offers unparalleled support, ensuring that your backup power system meets your expectations for reliability and performance.

How It Works:


When the unit is in standby mode, the utility power is fed to the power system. The power system simultaneously charges its batteries and passes the utility power over to the appliance.


When the utility power goes out, the power systems line interactive switch will activate to draw the energy from the batteries and will continue powering the appliance automatically.


When the utility comes back on, the battery powered generator will automatically switch back to standby mode, and return to powering the refrigerator with utility power, while simultaneously recharging the batteries.


  • When Does a Fuel Powered Generator Make Sense? - NFPA 99 specifies two different types of alternate power sources: battery systems and fuel powered generator sets. Fuel powered generator sets potentially provide a lot of backup power. However, this will typically come with sizable operating and maintenance costs. This section assesses fuel powered generator sets to determine when they will be useful and their advantages for surgery centers.
  • When Are Battery Systems More Practical? - Battery technology has seen significant advances within the past decade. But are they suited to the backup power needs of your surgery care, especially considering the varying, and sometimes heavy, power loads that might be required? Ask us how they compare to fuel powered generators.
  • Fuel Generator Considerations - If you have decided to install a fuel powered generator as your surgery center's backup power system, what should you keep in mind? Will installation space be a concern for you? Or will you require a modular solution for mobile use or stationary installation as the circumstances demand? These are the most important considerations around installing a fuel powered generator system, including the advantages and disadvantages of choosing this solution. storage.
  • Battery Backup System Considerations - Are you leaning more towards a battery backup system? Then you should know the advantages and limitations that this system might bring, as well as the considerations to note before installing the system. Will a battery backup system provide the power you need to operate your most important equipment? Will it provide sufficient power to last through even an extended outage, especially one that occurs around a busy period? This section analyzes battery backup systems. storage.

Compliance and Accreditation

All our systems are designed to meet the stringent requirements of major accreditation bodies, ensuring your practice remains compliant with healthcare regulations.


Recognizing the diverse needs of surgery centers, we offer customized solutions to meet the exact requirements of your specialty, ensuring optimal support for your specific equipment.

Space Efficiency

Our Silent Sentry series and other battery backup options are designed for space efficiency, fitting seamlessly into your practice without requiring extensive space.


With decades of experience and a bio-medical background, Medi-Products is equipped to design and implement backup power solutions that integrate seamlessly with the unique needs of surgical practices.