Freezer Battery Backup System

Battery Backup for Freezers & Ultra Low Temp Appliances

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Any laboratories that require long term storage of biological samples such as DNA, RNA, proteins, cell extracts, or reagents will require an Ultra-Low freezer. Many of these UTL freezers are designed for high capacity storage which put them at a greater risk should a power outage occur or if the appliance fails.

Not only a power outage can cause a -80 freezer to fail but also a power drop or spike that might damage the freezers compressor. Therefore, surge suppression is another important factor when considering a battery backup for a freezer. This is also known as line conditioning. Your freezer might require this if you are in an area where the power is temperamental. Scheduled standby generator tests can also cause compressor failures if the freezer is not also supported with a battery backup system.

It is very feasible to power a freezer on a battery backup system. The freezers energy consumption is what is used to calculate the amount of battery power that is required to support the appliance for a 12, 24 or 36-hour runtime.

Send us the make and model of your medical freezer or ULT ultra low freezer, so we can provide you some options for supporting it with a battery backup power system.


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How Does It Work?

Standby Mode:

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When the unit is in standby mode, the utility power is fed to the power system.  The power system simultaneously charges its batteries and passes the utility power over to the appliance.  

Power Outage Mode:

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When the utility power goes out, the power systems line interactive switch will activate to draw the energy from the batteries and will continue powering the appliance automatically.

Recharge / Standby Mode:

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When the system senses the power back on, it will return to standby mode and automatically restore utility power to the appliance.  At this point the power system will also bulk charge the batteries until they have returned to their capacity, which then causes it to switch back to float charge mode. 

How Long Does a Battery Backup System Run a Freezer?

How long does it run

We often get asked this question.  We design our systems to suit what your requirements are.  The power systems size depends on the amount of power the appliance draws, and the size and efficiency of the appliance and the amount of runtime that is desired. 

Our Modular cabinet design allows us to offer a variety of runtimes.

Power System Configurations: