Does a Battery Backup System Require Maintenance?

How Much Maintenance Does a Battery-Powered Generator Need?

The ongoing maintenance requirements for a Medi-Products battery backup system are minimal. In fact, it is one of the main benefits of a battery-based backup power generator.

The sticker price of most fuel-powered backup power generators is only a part of what you can expect to spend. Parts break or wear out and need repair or outright replacement to maintain the same level of performance.

However, to get the best performance out of one of our backup power systems, all that required is:

By contrast Gas powered generators function very similarly to automotive engines. This means they will need regular and expensive maintenance to properly maintain them.

Also, unlike gas or diesel generators— which see much of their maintenance costs directed toward upkeep of the engine—battery powered systems use sealed lead acid battery technology and solid-state internal components.

As a result, a MediProducts battery backup system includes no moving parts and no oil or other fluids. That means no oil changes, flushes or regular expensive maintenance items. This further eliminates any need for regular, costly maintenance.

Do I Need to Replace the Batteries in a Rechargeable Generator?

At the heart of Medi-Product's generators are their sealed lead acid glass mat batteries. These batteries offer a wide variety of benefits such as:

  • Leak-Proof Design
  • Low Discharge Rates When Idle
  • High Discharge Rates When in Use
  • Mature Technology Platform

But, like any battery their performance will degrade over time. This is because the electrolyte fluid inside the battery begins to store less and less energy over time as energy cycles.

Because of this inevitable wear and tear, we recommend the batteries in a system be replaced every four years. This ensures that a battery backup system can continue to perform adequately, providing the runtime originally specified for.

The process of swapping out batteries is simple enough to be completed by the end user and should take a few minutes at most. case of a larger facility or network, an operations manager or someone of similar skillset is perfectly equipped to make the swap.

The total cost to replace the batteries in a generator is approximately 15-20% the original cost of the system.

However, this cost is offset by:

  • The lack of ongoing maintenance costs associated with a battery-powered generator
  • The cost of battery technology decreasing over time (as fuel costs continue to rise)
  • The Battery Deposit Fee Being return upon recycling the old batteries.

In addition, should your batteries experience any difficulties before they reach 4 years of service, the cost to replace them will be partially covered by Medi-Products' 4-year, prorated warranty.

Who can Service a Medi-Product's Battery Backup System?

For all regular maintenance items, a battery generator system can be easily serviced by the end user. Here are some resources to aid in the care of a generator system:

  • Checklist
  • User Guides
  • Log Sheet
  • If your system is damaged or if you are unsure if your system is functioning properly, contact Technical Support as soon as possible.

For proactive customers who want to ensure peak and sustained performance of their battery backup system, Medi-Products' offers local first-party servicing packages. For more information on these, ask your sales representative at time of sale or contact Medi-Products directly. 


For non-local customers, we recommend calling the Technical Support Line at:

8:30a to 5:00p (EST)

They will be able to recommend you a Medi-Product's certified 3rd party technician to service your backup power system.

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