Can a Battery Powered Generator Connect to an Existing Alarm System?

Constructing a network of comprehensive, robust, and fully integrated alarms and monitors can be among the greatest challenges faced by both facilities managers and IT departments alike. As such, many facilities install monitoring systems overseen by major companies like ADT or Vivint.

To provide the easiest experience possible, every Medi-Products generator integrates into the kinds of security and remote monitoring systems installed by major companies.

How Does a Rechargeable Generator Wire Into an Existing Alarm?

Available as an add-on feature, during the production of your system we prewire a set of dry contacts. These dry contacts have an integrated pair of NO and NC switches.

To fully connect your battery backup unit to your existing alarm system, proper wiring will need running from your alarm’s central hub. However, this process is easily within the abilities of any IT department to complete.

For further details we recommend that your facility’s IT department directly contact with MediProducts’ technical support team, as every building’s system is unique, and they will be able to help determine your individual needs.




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Once fully installed, everyone currently being notified by the alarm system will receive alerts when:

  • Input power has been interrupted or restoredi.e. an outage has occurred, or power has been restored.
  • Output power has either begun to or stopped being provided to the appliancei.e. the battery backup generator has begun supplying power to the appliances, or the batteries have been fully drained thus now more power is being supplied.

With this information, key decision makers will have the knowledge they need to make critical decisions in emergency situations.

For those without a pre-existing alarm system, Medi-Products also offers a standalone, fully integrated power outage alert system is also an option.

How Do I purchase Dry Contacts for my Battery Backup Generator?

Every system is built to the exact needs of every customer—both in function and form. The quickest way to find the perfect system and equip our full array of monitoring and alarm add-ons is to contact MediProducts directly.

To speak to our product experts, engineers, and sales teams about quoting a system, and adding an alarm system contact us via:


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