| March 13, 2024 | Medi-Products

Elevator Battery Backup

The need for uninterruptible power supply (UPS) battery backup systems, especially elevator battery backup systems, is on the rise now, more than ever before as a result of more aggressive nature of building code enforcement. Building owners now need to provide backup power for elevators in multi-story buildings, with at least a 90 minutes lifespan in order to pass final inspection.
Before now, standby generators have been the go-to means through which building owners fulfil this requirement. However, as new air quality, noise, and other regulations emerge, together with fuel supply and hefty upkeep requirements, standby generators are slowly being phased out and getting replaced with UPS battery backup systems. As a result, a building owner finds it easier to fulfill the building code requirements with a UPS battery backup system.

Battery Backup Systems for Elevators

Battery backup systems enable you to operate your elevator with full functionality if there is a power outage. It is pretty different from emergency battery lowering, which simply allows you to get your elevator to the lowest level possible for a safe exit. Thus, an emergency battery lowering system will only enable the elevator to travel downwards in a power outage.
With battery backup systems, your elevator will have an uninterrupted power supply and will be able to travel both up and down for between 30 and 40 cycles while the main power is out. With this type of backup in place, you have true peace of mind that your elevators will keep working for enough time to evacuate people from the building during a power outage safely.
  • Since every elevator is different, with varying number of floors, size, speed, ect., most elevator battery backup systems are custom-built to the unique load requirement of each elevator. For this reason, an elevator battery backup system may not have a UL certification sticker. Instead, it will be built to ANSI/UL certification standards, thus needing field inspection from a standard field testing company.

  • A battery backup system must have a load capacity that is sized to handle not only the normal operating current but the inrush/peak current of the elevator and any attached accessories, such as fans. Thus, the system must be sized this way to allow proper heat dissipation while the unit is in continuous use.

  • Our battery backup systems are line-interactive which means that while the power from the utility company is on, the system stays in standby mode. The utility power keeps the batteries charged and transfers power to the unit when the system is in standby mode. As soon as the battery backup system senses a loss of utility power, it moves over to the systems' batteries. Once utility power is restored, the system automatic recharges the batteries and feeds the power back through to the unit it is supporting.
At Medi-Products, we offer a modular Three Phase Battery Backup System. This means it can accommodate elevators with varying power and run time requirements. Please contact our sales team for an assessment of your needs.

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