Posted on November 16, 2020 by MEDI-PRODUCTS

Backup Power for Pfizer Covid Vaccine Storage

Backup Power for Pfizer Vaccine Storage


Pfizer has announced this week that it’s Covid-19 trials have been 90% effective. With the vaccine requiring two doses per person, this will mean millions of doses being shipped and stored around the country in upcoming months.


While distribution through a large network of suppliers and transporters will be a challenge in itself, the storage of the vaccine will complicate the process even further. In order for the vaccine to remain effective, it must be stored in ultra-low freezers at around -70°C (-94°F). Dependable power will be needed to run these appliances. But what will happen in a power outage?


With winter weather coming on, this could mean power outages around the country, threatening the storage of the vaccine. This could mean entire vaccine inventories being wasted, as well as the expense and time to re-manufacture, ship and store new batches. Racing against time to administer these vaccines and save lives, this is not a chance worth taking.


Medi-Products believes they can help. Specialized manufacturers of battery backup power for vaccine storage, including many different brands of ultra-low freezers, they have a unique solution to offer. These freezers can keep up with the power demand from these freezers for many hours and even days.


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