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Battery Electric Generator

Buying the right battery electric generator can be an important decision, whether you are preparing for emergencies, or simply ensuring continuous power for essential appliances. We offer a range of reliable and highly efficient generators designed to meet various needs. However, there are some key factors that we have outlined that you should consider when selecting the perfect generator for your facility’s specific requirements.

Find out how much power you need

Identify the Appliances

First and foremost, list down all the appliances and devices you need to power with your battery electric generator. It can include lights, refrigerators, computers, medical equipment, etc.

Calculate Wattage

Once you’ve curated the list of appliances you need to power, determine the total wattage required by adding up the wattage of all devices you plan to use. Ensure that you account for running watts (the continuous power needed to keep your appliance running) and starting watts (the extra power required to start the appliance).

Consider how much runtime you require

Measured in Watt-Hours (Wh)

Ensure you choose a generator with a capacity that meets your energy requirements. The capacity is measured in Watt-Hours (Wh), and higher capacity means longer run times. To select the right fit model, assess how long you need the generator to run without recharging.

Consider your application

Before you purchase an electric battery generator, ask yourself a few questions to determine your application:

  • Does your application require a portable system?

Determine if you require a portable battery system. It is ideal in situations where mobility is crucial.

  • Are you using this indoors?

If you plan to use the generator indoors, ensure it’s designed for indoor use with features like low noise levels and emissions-free operation.

  • Are you using this every day?

If you want a generator for everyday use, ensure it is designed for regular, consistent performance.

  • Will this need to switch on automatically?

If you need the generator to switch itself on automatically during power outages, look for models with an auto-start functionality.

  • Are you running equipment that has a surge requirement?

For equipment with high starting power needs, ensure the generator you choose can handle the surge requirement.

  • Is this for emergency, commercial use, or recreational use?

Ensure the usage type before you purchase the generator since different usage might require you to focus on various specifications.

Look for additional features

Here are some additional features you can consider before purchasing the generator:

  • Inverter Type: Pure sine wave inverters are preferable for sensitive electronics, providing clean and stable power.
  • Portability: Consider the weight and whether the generator has handles or wheels for easy transport.
  • Expandability: Some models allow you to connect additional batteries, providing extended run time when needed.
  • Solar Compatibility: If you plan to recharge the generator using solar panels, ensure the model has the necessary solar input compatibility.

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You can purchase our battery electric generators from www.mediproducts.net needs more information.

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At Medi-Products, we offer installation services to ensure your generator is set up correctly and seamlessly.

Example Models to Consider

You can explore our range of battery electric generators designed to meet different power needs. From portable units for recreational use to high-capacity models for commercial applications, we assure you we have just the right generator for you!

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