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Ensure Optimal Performance: UPS Sizing for Medical Equipment

In the fast-paced and critical world of healthcare, architects and electrical engineers play a vital role. They create facilities that not only provide top-notch medical care, but also ensure the seamless functioning of essential medical equipment. Though, one challenge they face is having a steady power supply for medical equipment.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems have emerged as a reliable solution to safeguarding medicines, samples, and other biomedical equipment during power outages or fluctuations.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of backup power in healthcare facilities. We will explore the significance of battery backup systems and guide you on how to optimize their sizing for peak performance and reliability.

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The Crucial Role of Backup Power in Healthcare Facilities

Imagine a scenario where a healthcare facility experiences a sudden power outage. This endangers patients and important medicines, samples, and research materials. During emergencies, uninterrupted power is crucial for healthcare operations. It allows medical staff to care for patients without interruptions and protects valuable biomedical resources. Thus, the increasing use of technology in healthcare makes a reliable backup power solution very important.


Understanding the Significance of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems

UPS systems are electrical devices that provide backup power when the main power source fails. Often, they also help with voltage irregularities. UPS’ help when power goes out, bridging the gap until backup generators start, keeping power smooth. Though they are not just limited to that. Battery backup power systems today can be the only source of power for appliances. They can last for hours or even days. These systems provide surge protection to appliances and give healthcare workers time to safely shut them down.

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Tailoring the UPS System for Optimal Performance

Choosing the correct UPS system and sizing it properly are important for a reliable healthcare facility. Here are some essential factors to consider:

Assessing Power Needs:

Start by assessing how much power the medical equipment connected to the UPS uses. The evaluation needs to consider the power needed at the beginning and any sudden increase in power (i.e. power surges). Work together with doctors and companies to get accurate information about power usage.


Factoring in Redundancy:

Healthcare facilities can't afford to have a single point of failure. To make the UPS system more reliable, you can use multiple UPS units that work together in parallel. This helps protect against any part of the UPS system failing.



Healthcare facilities are constantly evolving, and their power needs may change over time. Opt for a UPS system that can be easily scaled up or down to accommodate future expansion or changing power requirements.


Battery Technology:

The type and quality of batteries used in the UPS system significantly impact its reliability and lifespan. Sealed lead acid batteries are a proven and reliable technology that provide excellent value and stability.


Monitoring and Maintenance:main-cold-storage

Create a strong plan to monitor and repair any problems with your UPS system. Regularly test the UPS to ensure it operates as expected during a power outage.


Ensure the Protection of Medicines and Biomedical Materials

UPS systems not only secure the performance of medical equipment but also play a pivotal role in safeguarding crucial medicines, samples, and biomedical materials. Power interruptions can cause temperature fluctuations that can harm vaccines, blood products, and research specimens. By providing continuous power, UPS systems shield these materials from spoilage and degradation, ensuring their efficacy and reliability.

 Medi-Products' Offer Fully-Customizable and Reliable Battery Backup Systems for Healthcare Facilities

Choosing the right battery backup for your appliances depends on your facility's needs and scope of work. Regularly test and maintain the battery backup system to make sure it works properly and you can be sure it provides power when needed

Medi-products has battery backup systems for medical and lab equipment. We can properly size and develop a system to power everything from surgery tables to ULT freezers. Our systems are made to give dependable power when there's an outage or disruption in the supply.

 When you purchase any of our battery backup solutions, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Simple installation: Many of our systems are plug-and-play— simply plug into an existing wall outlet. Thus, you do not need an electrician, building permits, etc.
  • Modular: You can add batteries to existing systems to increase run time if needed.
  • Space saving: Our systems typically use less than one sq ft. of floor space
  • No maintenance required: Our systems have solid-state electronics, so they don't have moving parts that wear out. This means no regular maintenance tasks.
  • Simplified testing: They are easy to test, and any member of the office staff can test the system by simply unplugging to simulate a power outage.
  • Safe for indoor use: Our systems will silently power your appliances without emitting any fumes or heat, making them safe for use indoors.
  • Power outage alert system: You can ask for a power outage alert system. It will alert up to four pre-programmed phone numbers when the power goes out.power outage alert CTA

Even better, is that battery generators can be outfitted with as much power as you want

  • Overnight
  • All day
  • Over a weekend
  • Or even for a whole week.

So, to protect your facility from tens of thousands of dollars in lost inventory speak to a Medi-Products battery backup expert.

They’ll help design you a system that both meets your power needs and will fit inside your facility—for a much lower cost than what your vaccines are worth. power-fluctuation

Designing a system for you is as easy as taking a picture of your appliance’s nameplate, and a photo of the room where it’s in.

Then, you just email both photos to our Product experts, and we’ll provide you with multiple options for backup power protection.

For more information contact: 1.800.7653237

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