| March 13, 2024 | Medi-Products

Fertility Centers and Backup Power

Assisted fertility is a large and rapid growing industry.  More and more new technology is being developed, and new fertility clinics are opening and investing big in both new technology and backup power systems to increase success rates and prevent embryo loss.

Thirty three percent of American adults’ report that they or someone they know has used some type of fertility treatment in order to try to have a baby, according to a new Pew Research Center survey. These numbers clearly indicate the growing reliance on science to help make a couple’s dreams of becoming parents a reality.  It is also a lucrative industry, which is great for the practitioners, however along with this, comes a responsibility to see to it that they are doing their due diligence in protecting their patient embryos.

New types of IVF Air Filtration Systems are being used to handle both the cooling and purification to provide optimal clean air pressure within the lab facilities to multi-room incubators featuring reliable gas-mixing systems that allow for gas phase flexibility and advanced temperature regulation systems for routine and long-term embryo incubation. Creating a constant, regulated, and optimal environment preimplantation is like a fine wine – the perfect balance of nature and nurture.

For the above listed reasons, fertility clinics and Doctors are looking toward obtaining preventative backup power solutions to protect the embryos and business sustainability.  Typically, generators come to mind as the first line of defense. But what happens when the generator fails to activate during a power outage? Millions of dollars and thousands of embryos could be potentially lost…unnecessarily.

Seeking a backup power option, to be installed in addition to a generator, for added peace of mind, was the answer for a recent battery backup system customer of ours. His story is a lucky one. Thankfully his incubators were empty when his clinic lost power and the generator failed to kick on. The realization of “what if” led the Doctor to our website www.mediproducts.net

Battery Backup for Vaccine Refrigerators and Freezers.

Our powerful battery backup systems will instantly power multiple appliances during a power outage. These custom sized systems can provide power for up to 72 hours of runtime!