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Laboratory Uninterruptible Power Supply

A backup power system is used to provide energy when the primary source fails. This system is very important since an uninterruptible power supply is crucial for any type of medical equipment. One of the best ways to ensure access to backup power during power failures is to have a backup generator installed. When a device loses power, vital information, materials, and test results can be corrupted or unstable. No matter your needs or type of electricity-dependent medical device, a backup generator ensures that you will always have access to electricity to keep your medical equipment functioning.


Cryostats slice frozen tissue samples with a microtome, an extremely sharp cutting instrument mounted inside cryostats, into pieces thin enough to be observed under a microscope. Often this is performed during a surgery, so maintaining power with a battery backup system is important to ensure the success of the operation.

Tissue Processors

Tissue Processors are devices that prepare tissue samples for sectioning and microscopic examination/analysis in clinical laboratories by fixing, staining, dehydrating or decalcifying them. They are also used to disinfect tissues to use in transplantation or allograft surgery. Tissue processors have slowly evolved to be safer in use, process more rapidly, manage larger specimen numbers, and produce better quality outcomes.
The results of a power malfunction ultimately affect the patients who need test results and surgery quickly. Using a backup power system ensures that there is always power to prevent medical equipment malfunctions.

Laboratory Refrigerators & Freezers

Laboratory Refrigerators and Freezers are designed to keep a constant temperature for safe cold drug storage, research, vaccine and specimen/sample storage. In the event of a power outage, these samples and years of hard work and research and development of future cures of diseases from testing could be lost. It is therefore essential that Laboratory Freezers and Freezers have an uninterruptible power source, a backup battery system to avoid possible disastrous situations.

Mass Spectrometers

Mass Spectrometers are used to determine a particle's mass, the elemental composition of a sample, and the chemical structures of larger molecules. Specific applications of mass spectrometry include:
  • Drug testing and discovery
  • Isotope ratio determination
  • Carbon dating
  • Drug testing and discovery
  • Analysis of trace metals and biological materials (including the products of genetics testing)
  • Pesticide residue analysis
  • Protein identification
  • Environmental analysis
  • Analysis of petroleum products

Fragment Analyzers

Fragment Analyzer systems are automated parallel capillary electrophoresis instruments that provide reliable and accurate quality control analysis of nucleic acids. They detect various diseases, conditions and chromosomal abnormalities with speed and scalability.

Battery Backup for Vaccine Refrigerators and Freezers.

Our powerful battery backup systems will instantly power multiple appliances during a power outage. These custom sized systems can provide power for up to 72 hours of runtime!