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Handling Oncology Centers During Power Outages: Best Practices and Guidelines

In case you missed it, catch up on the previous entries in our series detailing the design and operation of Oncology Centers and why backup power is crucial for modern and fully-optimized operations.

In the dynamic realm of oncology, where every moment is a critical opportunity for healing, the last thing any oncology center wants to encounter is a power outage.

Such unforeseen events can disrupt patient care, jeopardize life-saving treatments, and compromise the integrity of valuable medical resources. As guardians of patient well-being, it is imperative for oncology centers to be prepared to navigate power outages with unwavering resilience.shutterstock_2191461285

In this article, we delve into the essential best practices and guidelines for handling oncology centers during power outages.

Join us as we explore the crucial role of backup power in hospitals and the significance of safeguarding vaccines, medicines, and test samples. Together, let's empower your center to remain steadfast in the face of adversity, ensuring uninterrupted care and support for your patients when they need it most.

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Ensuring Continuous Patient Care with Backup Power

Oncology centers are beacons of hope, providing cutting-edge treatments and compassionate care to patients battling cancer. However, these centers heavily rely on a stable power supply to sustain life-saving equipment and maintain essential medical services. When power outages strike, the ability to seamlessly transition to backup power becomes a critical lifeline. feature-medical-refrigerator

Backup power systems in hospitals are designed to kick into action during emergencies, ensuring that essential medical equipment, including temperature-controlled storage units for vaccines, medicines, and test samples, remains fully operational.

The Importance of Protecting Vaccines, Medicines, and Test Samples

Within the walls of oncology centers, a treasure trove of life-saving resources exists in the form of vaccines, medicines, and test samples. Each of these invaluable assets is sensitive to temperature fluctuations, making it essential to shield them during power outages. Vaccines play a pivotal role in preventing infectious diseases and maintaining public health. With backup power in place, temperature-controlled storage units continue to safeguard vaccine potency, even during emergencies.

Critical medicines are the backbone of patient care in oncology centers, and preserving their stability is crucial for achieving optimal treatment shutterstock_1322818127outcomes. Backup power ensures that these medicines remain viable and ready for immediate use, mitigating potential disruptions to patient care.

In the world of medical research, test samples are the bedrock of groundbreaking discoveries. These irreplaceable specimens are often the result of extensive research efforts and must be protected at all costs. Backup power systems offer a fail-safe solution, preventing data loss and maintaining the integrity of these precious test samples.

Learn more about protecting vaccines during an emergency power outage. With our new “Planning Guide”
Learn more about protecting vaccines during an emergency power outage. With our new “Planning Guide”


Best Practices for Handling Power Outages

To navigate power outages successfully, oncology centers must adopt comprehensive best practices and guidelines. Proactive measures, such as conducting regular training sessions and mock drills, ensure that staff is well-prepared to respond swiftly during emergencies. Implementing a disaster response plan tailored to the center's unique needs is essential for maintaining a structured approach to handling power outages.20221027_150826

Collaborating with Power Professionals

In the pursuit of power outage preparedness, oncology centers benefit from collaborating with power professionals and experts in backup power systems. These specialists can assess the center's specific power requirements, recommend the most suitable backup power solutions, and ensure seamless integration into existing infrastructure.


In the high-stakes world of healthcare, resilience through backup power is non-negotiable. By considering the critical role of backup power and safeguarding sensitive biomedical materials, healthcare professionals can design facilities that prioritize patient care, preserve invaluable resources, and support medical advancements.

Once the power goes out, the clock starts.20220714_125438

Battery backup systems offer instant and automatic power for both medical equipment and laboratory appliances alike. No staff needs to be on-site to monitor or start the generator. Valuable samples and inventory will stay safe without any extra effort.

Their shape is vertical like a cabinet, and their batteries don't leak. This means they can fit into small spaces and be positioned in any way. Meaning now matter how crowded your vaccine or sample room is, you can ensure you'll be protected.

Plus, if your lab or storage room is truly tight on space, a hardwired backup power unit can instantly supply remote power to your appliance. It does so via the outlet its already plugged into.

No matter what system you choose, it will protect your biomedical and chemical samples from power loss. It guarantees a smooth switch from utility power to backup power, avoiding temperature excursions.

And for Facilities who perform outpatient operations, battery power instantly engages, keeping your operations going with zero downtime due to their advanced battery technology.

Even better, is that battery generators can be outfitted with as much power as you want. So system’s can be designed with enough power to protect a facility’s inventory: 

  • Overnight
  • All daypower-fluctuation
  • Over a weekend
  • Or even for a whole week.

So, to protect your facility from tens of thousands of dollars in lost inventory speak to a Medi-Products battery backup expert.

They’ll help design you a system that both meets your power needs and will fit inside your facility—for a much lower cost than what your vaccines are worth. So a backup power system pays for itself the first time your power goes out.

Designing a system for you is as easy as taking a picture of your appliance’s nameplate, and a photo of the room where it’s in.

Then, you just email both photos to our Product experts, and we’ll provide you with multiple options for backup power protection.

At Medi-products, we provide you with all the help you need to keep up with NFPA 99 changes, including all relevant local and regional standards. If you have questions about meeting NFPA requirements for your emergency and electrical power systems, contact us. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

For more information contact: 1.800.7653237

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