Running a 120 Volt Appliance on 220 / 230 50 HZ power

220 - 230 volt 50 Hz - 120 Volt 60 Volt Conversion Unit


230 & 220 Volt-50 HZ  Input Power  >  Converted to 120 Volt  60 HZ


Running Domestic appliances that are designed for with 120v 60 Hz power overseas can be quite a challenge.   We find this a common problem with US military bases that run vaccine refrigerators while deployed.   

If you transfer the power down to 120 volts with an isolation transformer it is likely the refrigerator or freezer will run on the local power, but this will cause the unit to fail over time. 

When you run a fridge compressor motor on a slower frequency cycle than what it has been designed for, it will make the motor turn slower causing extra strain on the motor windings and eventually the compressor will burn out.  A burnt out fridge/freezer compressor will harm the vaccines being stored inside.   


Convert 50hz to 60hz Frequency

Most countries run on 220, 230, or 240 volts at a 50-cycle frequency, however North America is 110-120 volt, 60 HZ. A transformer will convert power from high voltage to low voltage but can’t change the frequency/hertz. To chance the frequency, convert the power a direct current (DC) then convert back to AC with a 60 cycle inverter.


Another problem is that the power from the local utility companies is often temperamental in some countries.  This is why using a battery bank will serve the two purposes of a) bridging the converted power, and b) surve as a backup during a power outage.  


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