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Taking Delivery of a Mobile Battery Backup System

One of the benefits of a Medi-Products Mobile Battery Backup system is that the arrive fully assembled. As a result, upon taking delivery a mobile system only needs to be:

  • Unwrapped
  • Taken off its shipping pallet
  • and Plugged in

They do not need to be assembled, the batteries come pre-installed, and no wiring will need to be completed.

To prevent movement and ensure the safety of systems in shipping, the Mobile System's casters are set on shipping blocks. As a result, we highly recommend:

  • Utilizing our "White Glove" Shipping Option
  • Having two or more staff members lift the system off the pallet
  • Disassembling the pallet around the system to get it on the ground

If you choose the white glove shipping option we recommend for all Mobile System orders, the courier will unwrap the order, take it off the pallet and move it inside the facility on your behalf.

Otherwise, the setup of a mobile system requires no electricians, contractors, or handymen.

Testing and Setting up a Mobile System

Upon taking delivery, we recommend allowing your mobile system to charge for 24 hours. After this, you only need to complete a short function test to confirm your generator works as normal.

Upon confirmation of proper functionality your Medi-Products mobile system is ready to be used.

Though, keep in mind when deploying one that when not in use, it will need to be plugged in to ensure the batteries remain charged. Otherwise, it will not be able to provide power for its full runtime. Additionally, while they are mobile due to their casters, for larger systems it may be less than ideal to move them on a regular basis.


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Find Out What You'll Pay for Backup Power

Every system built fits directly with the need of every customer both in power and form factor. The quickest way to find a perfect system for you is to contact MediProducts directly.

To speak to our product experts, engineers, and sales teams about quoting a system, and adding an alarm system contact us via:


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