What Is Price Difference Between Each of the Medi-Products Models?

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How Does Each Model Compare in Price?

Standalone, Hardwired, and Mobile Power. All three Medi-Products systems help serve the power needs facilities in unique ways. All achieve the same goal of emergency backup power. But, do all three cost the same price?

In short, they’re all comparable in price.

Slight differences in price will occur due to unique components used in each system. For example, mobile cabinets are stainless-steel and have built-in casters. By contrast, Standalone and Hardwire cabinets are powder-coated, off-white metal. Additionally, hardwire units have extra internal hardware to accommodate circuit breakers.

These differences between systems are slight and have moderate impact on pricing. This is because, at the end of the day you’re paying for power. How that power gets delivered to your appliance has less of an impact on the final price. How much power you need or want will be the primary deciding cost factor. The bulk of a system's cost derived from the number of batteries it will need and the size of its power inverter.

Battery Powered Generator Options

Every facility has unique needs for how they choose to use and deploy backup power. Luckily, Medi-Products' battery powered backup generators come in three different form factors. This means you'll have the flexibility you need to meet any challenges you may face.


Standalone Systems are perfect when accessibility and ease of use are most important. Standalone units live in the same room as the target appliance and can be wall mounted or free standing. Meanwhile, their vertical design philosophy maximizes power output and delivery while reducing their footprint. Standalone systems are the perfect solution for powering medical cold storage appliances.


Hardwired Systems enable you to choose specific outlets and directly power them. This is done by wiring battery backup power into your facility's existing circuits. Hardwired systems supply power where you need it most needed, while saving space.

They're perfect for tight spaces because they do not need to be in the same room as the appliance. For this reason, hardwired systems are commonplace in operating and procedure rooms. Often, these facilities cannot have backup power inside the operating theatre due to fire codes.


Our Mobile System is perfect for facilities who need flexibility. With built-in casters, they enable easy rearrangement of your work space. Mobile units are perfect for facilities who want to utilize their usable countertop space. The inclusion of casters allows for Mobile System's to be moved throughout. Mobile systems see frequent use by mobile or pop-up clinics to provide backup power for cold storage and general use appliances alike.

Purchasing Backup Power

Be confident selecting the system that meets your needs. Your primary focus should be how much power is necessary for an appliance. Not the cost of each choice.

We aim for simple and easy pricing that allows you to focus on how much power you need. This allows us to find the best fit your need as quick as possible that also provides the most value. Shared components across all platforms allow Medi-Products to produce comprehensive solutions with comparable:
  • Pricing
  • Power capabilities
  • And Features

At the same time, Medi-Products provides expert knowledge, robust craftsmanship and high-quality customer service.

Find Out What You'll Pay for Backup Power

Every system built fits directly with the need of every customer both in power and form factor. The quickest way to find a perfect system for you is to contact MediProducts directly.

To speak to our product experts, engineers, and sales teams about quoting a system, and adding an alarm system contact us via:


Monday-Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm (EST)

email sales@mediproducts.net

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