How Much Space Is Needed for a Battery Backup System?

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Battery Backup Location and Installation Options

To provide the most flexibility, we have designed our generators to minimize space while providing maximum power.

But how is that possible?

Generators are supposed to be large, bulky, and difficult to fit in tight spaces?

The answer is simple. Instead of building out, we build up.

With their cabinet-like design—Medi-Products' battery generators easily fit anywhere inside your facility. Their modern, yet unassuming look means they won't need relegation to a utility closet. In fact, they'll fit perfectly inside of almost any exam, procedure or medical supply room without drawing attention to itself. Once inside, their minimal noise and heat output ensures they remain unnoticed until needed.

Our lineup provides the choice to have your power source wall-mounted, free standing or moved on wheels. Thus, the location of your backup generator is limited only by creativity. And with over 30 years’ experience, our support and installation teams always find a solution that fits. This has often included systems with truly one-of-a-kind features, if necessary.



However, due to their weight and the danger posed Medi-Products does not recommend mounting your battery backup units inside of or on ceilings—and they are not rated as having the capability for such.




Do I need to keep my generators close to my appliances?





Each of the three different configurations of generator available— Standalone, Hardwire and Mobile— has unique needs and abilities for supplying backup power. As such, each differs in where they’re best used—though all three provide lots of flexibility.

Where can I Mount a Standalone System?

Standalone Systems will need to be either in the same room or an adjacent room to the appliances it is powering. But they do not need to only be put in the corner of a room. Because of their compact form factor, installation above or between cabinets and counters is common in tight spaces. Standalone systems can also mount inside walls—with the wiring in a sleeve or pigtail that’s run through the dry wall.

Installing a system in an adjacent room has similar requirements. The necessary power cords are run through the wall itself, or connect to an electrical pigtail, which is then connected to the appliance. Meanwhile, the generator lives alone in the adjacent room, either free-standing or wall mounted.

The endless options provided by Standalone systems make them ideal for growth-oriented facilities, and those who value flexibility.

Where can I Mount a Hardwired System?

Like standalone systems, Hardwired systems require wall mounting. However, once mounted, hardwired systems can be placed anywhere in your facility and remotely power appliances in any room. Because they're wired in directly and supply power for specific outlets, the most common placement is near the building's circuit breaker.

Consulting with a general contractor or licensed electrician is highly recommended before mounting. They'll be able to both, find a location that best meets your needs and provide an estimate of installation costs. The installation of hardwired systems requires an electrician or licensed contractor in addition to any required building permits.

Where can I Use a Mobile System?

Mobile systems can supply power anywhere in your facility due to their built-in locking casters. They only need to be near a power outlet when recharging or when not in use. This ensures they are fully charged when it is next needed.

But, unlike the Standalone or Hardwired systems, mobile systems are wider and use more floorspace. The stainless-steel top of a mobile system doubles as usable counter space to make up for this increase in footprint.

However, do keep in mind your mobile system's size. Mobile does not always mean small. Depending on its size, you may need to plan when moving it inside your facility. While they are on wheels, larger systems can still be quite heavy and may require multiple persons. Finally, with proper use, the built-in casters should not damage or scuff any flooring.

Find out what you'll pay for backup power

Every system built fits directly with the need of every customer both in power and form factor. The quickest way to find a perfect system for you is to contact MediProducts directly.

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