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VFC Temperature Data Logger Requirements & Manufacturers

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The CDC recently changed the requirements for VCF providers, mandating them to now use a continuous temperature monitoring device for vaccine storage refrigerators used in medical offices.

This device is required to be calibrated and carry a current NIST or ISO calibration certificate.   The device also has to be capable of meeting the following requirements:

  1.  The monitor needs to have a display that indicates the current temperature as well as Min/Max temperatures. Staff will need to be able to record these Min/Max temperatures twice a day.
  2. The display monitor needs to be visible from the outside of the vaccine refrigerator/freezer unit.
  3. The data logger must also be able to produce downloadable data of temperature records in 15-minute intervals.
    The accuracy of the data logger must be within +/- 1-degree Fahrenheit.
  4. The device memory must be able to store no less than 4000 recordings.
  5. When the memory is full the device must be able to automatically delete older data to free space for new data.

There are several manufacturers that produce VCF compliant data loggers, here are a few that use up-to-date technology, making your life easier:

SensoScientific offers a unit that is easy to use, which links to a cloud-based database for secure easy access to recorded temperature records.

InTemp by Onset offers a really neat system with a smartphone app that can be downloaded from Google Play or App store. The Data-logger connects to your smartphone with a Bluetooth connection. The unit also comes with a 3-year ISO 17025 certificate of calibration.

TraceableLIVE® is another device that uses a Wifi Connection so the data can be accessed not only from your smartphone but also your office desktop computer. This cloud-based application requires no software.

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