| March 22, 2024 | Medi-Products

The 5 best Vaccine Refrigerator Manufacturers

You want to buy a vaccine refrigerator but aren’t sure where to start and who the best vaccine fridge manufacturers are? We understand, and this is why we have come up with this list in order to help you find best product for your needs.  We have also tried to define each one's unique approch to the market. and how they fair on quality, customer support and production value.


Our Top Five Vaccine Refrigerator Manufacturers:

Panasonic Biomedical:

Panasonic's line of pharmacy refrigerators and freezers are also suitable for CDC vaccine storage requirements.  They contain a microprocessor control and reserve cooling for maintaining accurate temperatures.  Among their options is a range of combo fridge/freezer units for better space consumption.  Quality is on the high side and their products are backed by a  five (5) years parts and labor warranty.  If you are looking for a good quality unit this may be if however, you may also have to be prepared to spend a bit more for it.  For More information: Panasonic Brochure 

Thermo Fisher Scientific:

Thermo Fisher offers an impressive line of refrigerators and freezers with complementary features such as; built-in alarms, door ajar alert and touchpad controls and more!  The line is all commercial grade and high quality. The warranty varies with your location.  Find more information here: Thermo Fisher Brochure

Helmer Scientific:

Are you interested in innovation? You should check out Helmer Scientific. Helmer entered the market in 1977 and is the industry leader in innovation and design.  Not only are they a smaller company to deal with than Thermo Fisher or Panasonic, Helmer offers features such as Energy-efficient LED lighting, bacteria-resistant powder coated interior and exterior,  optional access control keypad.  Their warranty includes 5 years compressor, 2 years parts, and 1-year labor.  For more information visit: Helmer Inc.

AccuCold by Summit: 

If you want a lower cost alternative Summit appliance maybe be the right fit for you? Summit offers a self-closing door and adjustable shelves This line is often an ideal fit for small pediatric offices and clinics.  The savings may be tempting but on the other hand, the one year warranty does not show too much confidence in the product. The Accucold units are very efficient for supporting on battery back up power.  To find out more about AccuCold:   AccuCold Refrigerators

Tempure Scientific:

Tempure offers a less costly line while including many of the standard features the more recognized and costly brands boast of.  Some of their standard features are condensate evaporator pan, door locks, 3/4" or 3/8" probe ports.  With a 2 or 3-year parts & labor warranty along with a 5-year compressor warranty, if you are looking for features that may fit your needs while keeping your budget trim, this manufacturer may be the right fit for you. 


Final Thoughts:

The market has many choices for the buyers. To find the best vaccine refrigerator for the needs of your medical office, define what you want, and then research any of these suggested fridges manufactures.

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