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Can I Install a Wall-Mount UPS In a Healthcare Facility?

A wall mount UPS (a.k.a. uninterruptible power supply) is an excellent option for your facility if you are considering installing a battery backup power system. As the name implies, an uninterruptible power system allows you to keep your facility’s equipment and data safe during a sudden power outage. Though a fuel-powered generator system may be able whole facility powered for hours during a power outage, they're not always the perfect solution. 

First, they can be more expensive to purchase, maintain, and install. Also, storing fuel on-site creates additional expenses and requirements for the end user. 

Second, a fuel generator system typically requires lots space, which may not be easily available at your facility—especially those located in dense, urban areas. 

Third, the larger carbon footprint generated by a fossil-fuel or natural gas powered system may not be ideal for facilities who wish to prioritize environmental consciousnesses. Additionally, government subsidies or tax relief for fossil-fueled power systems are much less plentiful than ones for battery power backup. 

Lastly, and most important is that gas generators don't engage instantly. The wait time between when the power goes out and when the generator comes on (anywhere from 60 seconds up to 15 minutes) can leave your patients, staff, appliances and valuable medical inventory completely vulnerable.




These minutes are precious, especially when you are running equipment that is critical to a patient’s life, such as life-support, or sensitive equipment that provides vital real-time information to doctors about a patient’s outlook, such as an MRI. The vital roles these machines play mean that being inoperable for even the slightest amount of time puts safety at risk.


However, an instant and automatic battery powered UPS system offsets or eliminates many of these challenges. They ensure that the machines they are connected to do not go off-line during the time it may take you to get your generating set up and running. Thus, you ensure that your patients do not suffer an interruption in the care they are receiving and that you do not lose any critical data. Below, we'll discuss the benefits of a UPS (also called a battery backup system) and why a system that wall mounts is the hidden key to unlocking the full potential of your healthcare facility.


Benefits of a UPS for Medical Facilities


A UPS greatly benefits your facility in the following ways:

  • It prevents data loss when sudden power outages occur because it seamlessly powers the device it is connected to when it senses a loss of utility power. Furthermore, it does this within milliseconds of a power outage, as against the several seconds it would typically to start a generator.

  • It protects voltage sensitive devices by providing a clean power supply. Direct power from utility companies sometimes has voltage fluctuations and distortions, especially in areas where brownouts are common, which may result in gradual equipment degradation over time. A UPS counters this degradation effect by “levelling” the power supply before transferring it to pieces of equipment connected to it.

  • Surge protectors - While not as common as voltage fluctuations, unusual spikes in voltage happen and they might damage any equipment on the receiving end, resulting in high costs of repair, or replacement. UPSs are designed to detect spikes in incoming current and regulate it before passing on to the connected device.

  • Noiseless source of power supply. UPSs give you the reliability of fuel-powered generators without the attendant noise for which the generating sets are known.

  • Scalable and custom-built - A battery backup system is flexible and can be customized to meet your energy needs - whether it is powering a single piece of equipment, several appliances, or an entire operating theatre.

  • Can provide backup power during outages and can last for as long as 48 hours, depending on the number of batteries they have and the amount of charge on them. Additionally, you can have even longer run times, if your UPS is solar rechargeable.


When you're ready Medi-Products' engineering, design, and service group are ready to build you a system that fit the needs of your existing facility. You can even easily scale up the system as your power supply needs evolve. They are easy to install and require no routine servicing except a change of batteries every four years.



Wall Mount Battery Backup Systems That Will Meet Your Power Protection Needs Effortlessly


We have two types of wall mount ups systems, namely the Silent Sentry Hardwire System and the plug-n-play Standalone System. A portable power station — the “Reassurance” Mobile Unit is available as well.


The Silent Sentry Standalone System

The SILENT SENTRY™ Standalone is a complete plug-n-play system, that you can simply plug into any standard wall outlet—without the need for an expensive electrician. It has an automatic transfer switch which switches the system over to battery power, as soon as the utility power is lost. Once the input power is restored, it will automatically pass through the utility power to your appliance while simultaneously recharging the batteries.

It has a Deluxe LCD Panel with metering and rate controls that you can upgrade to include runtime estimation and battery energy level calculator. You can also add a power outage alert system that can call up to four phone numbers when the power goes out. Additionally, you can use the alert system with an optional temperature probe as well.

The unit includes 4-8 electrical outlets for your refrigerators, freezers, or other equipment to plug into.


The Silent Sentry Hardwire System

The SILENT SENTRY™ Hardwire System is a complete, line interactive battery system. It is fed directly from the electrical panel and includes 4-6 output circuit breakers which are wired to specific wall outlets in the building. It has an automatic transfer switch which switches the system over to battery power, as soon as the utility power is lost. Once the input power is restored, it will automatically pass through the utility power to your appliance while simultaneously recharging the batteries.

What this means for you is that you do not have to worry when power outages happen after business hours or on long weekends away from the office.

We call it the “Uninterruptible Subpanel” because this wall-mount battery backup system is revolutionary in its ultra-compact, low-profile design, and can be installed almost anywhere in a medical office. Its total dimensions measure 14″w x 10"d— using less than 1 sq ft of floor space. With its modular cabinet design, as many batteries as needed can be added to the system, until the desired runtime for your appliances is reached.


Get a Quote for a Wall Mount UPS and Switch to Battery Power


While we are careful to maintain stock levels that ensure rapid order fulfilment, we also understand that one size does not fit all, which is why we design our products to conform to varying customer needs. So whether your focus is on economics, functionality, a special configuration or physical size, our design team is ready to go to work on getting you a system that meets your needs perfectly. Please contact us today to request a quote for your project.

Battery Backup for Vaccine Refrigerators and Freezers.

Our powerful battery backup systems will instantly power multiple appliances during a power outage. These custom sized systems can provide power for up to 72 hours of runtime!