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Should Physicians use a UPS for Ultrasound Machines?

Ultrasound machines are generally among the most electronically sensitive equipment a healthcare facility can have. Due to both the mix of complex components and need to keep patients safe—their internals are carefully designed to produce clean and useable images in the most comfortable way possible.

However, this combination of complexity and sensitivity also means they can be expensive to repair and replace should they suffer a sudden change in power. This change can be a surge, an outage or even temporarily receiving “dirty” power (also called a “brownout”) —all of which can damage your system.

Because of this, a proper UPS (uninterruptable power supply) solution is an essential add-on to your imaging rooms equipment array.

Imagine the following scenario:

A standard pre-natal exam is underway, and the probe edges towards the lower spine area. Suddenly, there is a spike in the utility power and your ultrasound machine turns off, because there is no backup power source.

In addition to the obvious fright and discomfort experienced by the patient, you’ll likely have to re-schedule their examination and possibly others if the outage is predicted to last for more than a few minutes.

Alternatively, the system could become damaged due to the irregularities to power that commonly occur as the power goes out.

Finally, the patient themselves may no longer feel comfortable receiving an ultrasound in your facility. While modern imaging equipment is very safe, sudden outages may effect patients willingness to undergo the procedure as ultrasounds are often used near the most sensitive areas of the body—especially for OBGYNs who use them for pregnant patient.

However, this scenario and others like it are avoidable when a proper uninterrupted power supply (also called a battery powered generator or a battery backup system) is used to provide backup power for an ultrasound machine.

Among other solutions, the benefits of battery backup power can:

  • ensure instant and sustained operation of the equipment during an outage
  • “condition” the power to avoid brownouts and component wear-and-tear
  • And provide surge protection, preventing total system failure

And because they operate silently and quickly, the patient would never know they’re running on backup power as opposed to utility power.

Below, we’ll go in-depth about how UPS, battery generators and battery backup systems are essential for ultrasound labs.

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Why You Need Backup power for an Ultrasound Lab

Power interruptions are wholly avoidable and can be detrimental to both your equipment and your facility’s reputation. Thus, a UPS not only physically protects your facility, but it also maximizes your uptime—increasing reliability and profitability.


Protection from Power Outages and Power Surges

The most obvious scenario, power outages and surges are excellent reasons to have a UPS connected to your ultrasound machine. For example, suppose you experience a power outage in your facility; an efficient backup solution will seamlessly kick in to keep the machine from shutting down immediately.

Furthermore, a power outage or surge can wreak havoc on the expensive electrical components in your ultrasound machine. Suppose you are located in an area that constantly experiences hurricanes, severe winds, and heavy rains that can impact your utility power.

And this is becoming more common by the year. According to the USEIA (US Energy Information Administration) the average outage time experienced by all customers in the US has doubled between 2013 and 2018. This change is due almost entirely to the increase in extreme weather events—and only continues to increase.

But, due to their flexibility you can custom design a battery backup system that fits the exact runtime needs of your facility. So, you can order one to last just a few minutes all the way up to models that will last days—ensuring continued operation during even the most extreme weather events.


Clean Power Management

Another benefit to connecting your ultrasound machine to a battery system is power conditioner—providing a "clean power" source. Clean power, in this regard, refers to a power supply that is free of sudden spikes or dips in its overall sine wave. This instability is a particular concern in facilities that are distant from their power plant’s location.

They also happen in areas where brownouts are expected or densely populated areas where the large number of electric equipment connected to the utility power generates "noise" in the electrical current.

Spikes and surges in the power supply result in "dirty power" that can cause component degradation at an accelerated rate in ultrasound machines. They can also cause total component burnout or a reduction in image quality. UPSes "clean up" the power supply before releasing it to your machine in a process known as power conditioning.

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What To Consider When Purchasing Backup Power for Ultrasound Machines

When you get a UPS for your ultrasound machine, you want to rest assured that you are well-covered. Nothing beats the feeling of frustration that comes with buying an underperforming UPS. For this reason, you must cover all the bases when deciding on a UPS. There are several factors to consider, but we will mention a couple:


Battery Capacity and Inverter Power

Capacity is the maximum power that the unit can handle, and it is typically measured in Volt-Amps (VA). Any UPS you decide on should be able to supply all the equipment attached to it with their total power at peak energy draw. To get a good idea of your ideal capacity, add up all the current drawn by the appliance array you intend to power. This information can commonly be found on the name plate of an appliance.



Runtime describes how long a UPS can provide power to the equipment it protects during a power outage. The technical term for it is Typical Runtime at Full Load, which means the time the UPS will continue to supply power when working at maximum capacity. However, if you need a long runtime, you may consider getting a UPS that can accept additional batteries.


Best Backup Power Systems for Ultrasound Machines and Medical Imaging

Medi-Product’s entire line of plug and play battery powered backup generators are line-interactive, enabling them to monitor power is and is not being supplied by utility power. When not being used, they can automatically charge their batteries

However, as soon as the system senses a loss of utility power, it switches to its batteries and keeps your machine powered in milliseconds—meaning almost all equipment will continue to run as if nothing happened.

Then once power is restored, it automatically reverts to charging its batteries and cleaning up the power supply your machine receives.

Furthermore, our systems are custom-sized to meet desired runtimes and support specific appliances as requested. Common requests include systems that can power entire procedure rooms or ultrasound labs for 8, 12, 24, and even 48-hours with one single system that all appliances can plug directly into.

And with three separate form factors to choose from, a MediProducts battery backup is sure to fit anywhere inside your facility whether you need:

Battery Backup for Vaccine Refrigerators and Freezers.

Our powerful battery backup systems will instantly power multiple appliances during a power outage. These custom sized systems can provide power for up to 72 hours of runtime!