March 13, 2024 | Medi-Products

Why You Need Tissue Processor Battery Backup Power

 Acquiring backup power for a labs tissue sample processors ensures that any and all tests ran do not yield unfavorable outcomes. Especially for facilities who handle irreplaceable research samples or hard to acquire patient samples.

 Below, we’ll briefly discuss what constitutes a tissue processor as well as why having a proper backup power solution is essential for a variety of medical practice settings including:

  • Medical Labs
  • University Research Centers
  • Hospitals

And any other types of medical practices or research facilities who handles valuable biomedical inventory.

What Is a Tissue Processor?

A tissue processor is a vital piece of equipment in health facilities that help to facilitate more efficient testing of biomedical samples for research and diagnostic medicine. These devices automatically prepare tissue samples for sectioning and microscopic examination/analysis in clinical laboratories by fixing, dehydrating or decalcifying, clearing, and infiltrating them with paraffin.

 They also find use in disinfecting tissues for use in transplantation or allograft surgery. Over the years, tissue processors have slowly evolved to be more valuable for healthcare facilities in terms of safety of use, more rapid processing, ability to manage larger specimen numbers and produce better quality outcomes.

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Why Tissue Processing is Vital for Medical Services

Tissue processing is designed to remove all extractable water from the tissue, replacing it with a support medium that provides sufficient rigidity to enable sectioning of the tissue without parenchymal damage or distortion. It is an essential step in histopathology and it behooves you as a health care facility manager or laboratory supervisor to emphasize its importance to your staff. This is because a poorly processed tissue will affect the section cutting and staining, making it difficult or impossible to glean any useful microscopic information from the tissue.

 Thus, it is vital to emphasize the value of proper education and training for your staff who will be handling tissue processing—Emphasize the need to apply particular care when setting up the processor for a processing run. However, no matter how attentive your staff may be when handling these pieces of equipment, they are not entirely safe from damage, as mechanical and electrical faults occasionally occur in tissue processors. Thus, you need to install a tissue processor battery backup for your healthcare facility.

Why Use Battery Backup Power For Your Tissue Processor When Practicing Medicine?


Because of the vital role this equipment plays in medical care facilities, any downtime they experience can have adverse effects on

  • Patient Outcomes
  • Lead Times of Lab results
  • Delivery windows for research findings

 So, say a tissue sample is undergoing processing, and suddenly, a power outage occurs.

 That sample will be rendered useless, and you must start the process again with a fresh sample. If you have the materials on-hand and they are available. Very often, these samples can be one-of-a-kind or very rare. So the risk of running them through without being able to guarantee there is a readily-available power source is risky.

In a Worst-case scenario that could result in requesting a second procedure be performed on a patient in order to acquire new, fresh samples

 A power malfunction ultimately affects the patients who need test results and surgery quickly. Using a backup power system ensures that there is always power to prevent medical equipment malfunctions.

 Ways in which a battery backup protects your tissue processor from a power malfunction include:

  • Protection from distortions and fluctuations in utility power supply
  • Protection from power interruptions
  • Provision of adequate power during short-term interruptions and "ride-through" time to convert to the backup supply.
  • Refining the quality of the utility power that reaches your building. A battery backup system regulates the power voltage, protecting your pieces of equipment from sudden spikes or drops in power voltage.
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Best Backup Power Systems for Tissue Processors and Biomedical Laboratories

Medi-Product’s entire line of plug and play battery powered backup generators are line-interactive, enabling them to monitor power is and is not being supplied by utility power. When not being used, they can automatically charge their batteries

However, as soon as the battery system senses a loss of utility power, it switches to its batteries and keeps your machine powered in milliseconds—meaning almost all equipment will continue to run as if nothing happened.

Then once power is restored, it automatically reverts to charging its batteries and cleaning up the power supply your machine receives.

Furthermore, our systems are custom-sized to meet desired runtimes and support specific appliances as requested. Common requests include systems that can power entire procedure rooms or ultrasound labs for 8, 12, 24, and even 48-hours with one single system that all appliances can plug directly into.

And with three separate form factors to choose from, a MediProducts battery backup is sure to fit anywhere inside your facility whether you need:

Battery Backup for Vaccine Refrigerators and Freezers.

Our powerful battery backup systems will instantly power multiple appliances during a power outage. These custom sized systems can provide power for up to 72 hours of runtime!