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How does a Refrigerator Battery Backup Fit in a Small Blood Draw Lab?

You may have been informed by your practice administrator that you are going to need to acquire a refrigerator battery backup for the vaccine fridge located in the medical lab area.  Likely you look around the small lab that you work in and wonder how on earth are they going to put that in here?

Lab and blood draw room design, why so small?

One of the most undersized areas in the medical office is often the lab and blood draw room.  Why is such an important area overlooked when the office is designed?  In many cases the doctor's office and lunch room have ample space and some of the examination rooms are way over sized, or half the waiting area doesn't ever get used but you can never find enough space in the medical lab.

Another annoyance about most blood draw areas, is they are often only designed with one entryway.  With patients entering and exiting for blood samples and office staff needing supplies it always seems that there is a traffic jam around the doorway.


Learn more about protecting vaccines during an emergency power outage. With our new “Planning Guide”
Learn more about protecting vaccines during an emergency power outage. With our new “Planning Guide”


Overcrowded Blood Lab Interfering with Work Flow!

In addition to all the personnel and patients that have to enter and exit the small room, let's consider what also has to go into this overcrowded small space?  Normally the lab is full of cabinets, a sink, the cabinets are full of supplies, on one of the walls may have a urine sample door, a vaccine refrigerator and freezer, sharps containers, bio-hazard and regular waste containers, sometimes the sterilizer along with sterilization supplies, often a microscope, a large blood draw chair with a supply cart beside it, sterile disposables and glove dispensers, hand sanitizer and a stool or caster chair for the staff worker to sit.  

You wonder what the architect was thinking when he or she designed the space and only allocating 80 - 100 square feet to pack all this into. Now with the increased regulations they are asking to install a battery backup system this small space as well?  This seems impossible. 


Compact Vaccine Fridge Battery Backup System

What gets quickly realized is there isn't any room for the backup system.  This is where the Medi-Products space saving compact UPS design might help.  The wall mounded Silent Sentry design keeps the system off the floor and the hardwire design can be installed across the office in an entirely different location.  

Alternatively, Medi-Products is able to custom-design an above-cabinet horizontal system that can fit between the cabinets and the ceiling or an under counter mobile system on wheels.


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